Lindsey Fox

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

News & Upcoming Events!

  • Prof. Fox attended Mathfest in Philadelphia, PA in August 2022.

  • Prof. Fox's research group submitted their new work "The Effect of Governance Structure on Optimal Control of Two-Patch Epidemic Models," to the Journal of Mathematical Biology in September 2022.

  • Prof. Fox will be advising at least six students in three research projects during the 2022-23 academic year, supported by Eckerd's Academic Research Funding (ARF), including a thesis project for a senior math major.

  • Prof. Fox will be attending the annual meeting of the Suncoast Region of the Mathematical Association of America, Florida Section in December 2022.

  • Prof. Fox was invited to discuss her new work, "The Effect of Governance Structure on Optimal Control of Two-Patch Epidemic Models," at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in January 2023.

Ebola virus - an example virus used in Prof. Fox's new work "The Effect of Governance Structure on Optimal Control of Two-Patch Epidemic Models"

Schematic of C. difficile disease model

Hiking in Chiricahua National Monument, AZ in 2021

About Me

I received my Ph.D. in mathematics at the University of Tennessee in 2019 and soon thereafter joined the faculty at Eckerd College. My research area is Mathematical Biology with a focus in disease modeling. I enjoy teaching applied mathematics courses including probability, statistics and differential equations. In my spare time I enjoy birding watching, crafting with yarn, tending to my plant collection, and cuddling with my two dogs and cat. In the summers I travel with my husband to see new species of birds for our life list.

Hiking in Anchorage, AK in 2022

Painted bunting in St. Pete


Howerton, Emily and Dahlin, Kyle, Christina Edholm, Lindsey Fox, Margaret Reynolds, Brandon Hollingsworth, George Lytle, Melody Walker, Julie Blackwood, and Suzanne Lenhart. "The Effect of Governance Structures on Optimal Control of Two-Patch Epidemic Models." Journal of Mathematical Biology. [submitted]

Fox, Lindsey. Statistics, an Introduction: Workbook. Kendall Hunt, 2022.

Sulyok, Cara and Fox, Lindsey, Hannah Ritchie, Cristina Lanzas, Suzanne Lenhart, and Judy Day. "Mathematically Modeling the Effect of Touch Frequency on the Environmental Transmission of Clostridioides difficile in Healthcare Settings". Mathematical Biosciences, vol. 340, 2021.

Fox, Lindsey (2019). Two Applications of Mathematical Modeling: Control Mechanisms of Heart Rate Variability and Contribution of Environmental Pathways in Disease Transmission [Ph.D. dissertation, University of Tennessee]. TRACE.

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